Begin your journey with Rainbow Masonry


  • All applicants must have a vehicle and must be willing to learn the masonry trade. You must be able to lift at least 50lbs and work in all weather conditions.

Job Titles:

Entry Level: No experience needed. Must have a good attitude and be willing to learn.

Laborer- Know how to mix mortar, build a scaffold, drive a truck, and drive a skid steer.

Apprentice Brick Layer- Know how to strike a wall up, have a good understanding of how to lay brick to a string line properly, and know how to work with masonry tools. Some knowledge on how to lay stone is recommended.

Brick Layer- Know how to lay brick and block with no guidance needed while keeping plumb. Lay a bond out and build leads/corners, grind joints out, point up, build a scaffold, and mix mortar up.

Hardscape Layer- Must know how to properly build retaining walls, firepits, run a skid steer, and know how to work with all the materials used for hardscapes.

Stone Mason/Brick Layer- Must be skilled in laying brick and stone with no guidance.

Foreman- knows how to layout a job, shoot grades, run a skid steer, backhoe, understand how to keep the job progressing promptly, read blueprints, and know-how to lay brick, stone, and block. Can build a fireplace, including throat/chimney.