About Rainbow Masonry ​

Masters of Consistency

Company Background Info.

I entered the masonry trade as a labor in the summer of 1977 for E. Guy Teal working under Ronnie Davidson. By the following year I was laying brick and block full time. In the next few years, I jumped from company to company making more money with each destination due to hard work. This led to me working for Local 101 Union in Washington, DC in 1982. The spring of 1983 I realized that all the companies I had worked for were okay, but it was E. Guy Teal that instilled the knowledge of how to properly work in this trade.

The month of April during 1983 I established Rainbow Masonry, Inc to follow the footsteps of E. Guy Teals leadership of Ronnie Davidson. At the time I did not know how blessed I was to have started there in 1977. Rainbow Masonry’s name came from opening a sample kit of mortar color strips. I looked down into that kit and saw all the colors laid side by side and it came to me right there. I then went to Catonsville community college to learn how to read blueprints. From there I bought my first work truck and began my long journey as the owner of a Rainbow Masonry. I am still doing what I love today, and April of 2021 marks my 38th year in business, Amen.